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THE GRATITUDE OF MEDVEDJA CITIZENS | Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center
Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

The gratitude of Medvedja citizens

At the Medvedja municipality administration's invitation, representatives of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center participated in a ceremonial meeting of the local Emergency Management Department.

The head of the municipality Nebojsa Arsic congratulated those present on World Civil Defenсe Day and emphasized the unique role of the response system and the coherence of all emergency services during a pandemic.

On behalf of Medvedja, Mr Arsic expressed gratitude to the Center for the help provided to the municipality in a critical situation and presented the letter of appreciation.

To remind: in the second half of January, heavy snowfall and ice rains, as well as many fallen trees, caused breaks in power lines. As a result, 100 substations out of 137 were de-energized. In response to this situation, on January 23rd, the Center dispatched two generators to the affected areas, which are still used to provide electricity to local citizens homes.