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INTERNATIONAL WEBINAR AT THE CENTER | Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center
Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

International webinar at the Center

On Word Civil Defence Day, an international webinar was held at the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center on the topic: "Actual questions of training, firefighting and rescue work in the period of COVID-19 pandemic".

The webinar was attended by representatives of relevant ministries and organizations of Russia, Serbia, Italy, ICDO and universities of the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

The Center leadership addressed the participants with a welcoming speech. Then the head of an operative team made a presentation about the work during a pandemic.

Representatives of the Italian Civil Protection Department spoke about their experience of acting in the new reality since Italy was the first state in Europe to feel the devastating consequences of the COVID-19, closed its borders and applied restrictions measures.

During the four-hour webinar, 26 participants discussed activities of specialized rescue services in emergency response and prevention during a pandemic, same as holding the educational process remote, using information and telecommunication technologies in mastering new forms of education, applying specialized software for final exams passing.