Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Reception with the major of Nis

The meeting between RSHC co-director Andrey Mamchenkov and the elected mayor of Niš Mrs Dragana Sotirovski took place on November 3rd. The communication was informative and passed positively: for more than eight years, the Center has been actively cooperating with specialised organisations and, of course, participates in cultural, sports and educational life of the city.

During the communication, Mrs Sotirovski shared plans to establish an emergency response center in the city and highly valued the knowledge and skills of Russian specialists. “In Nis, there is no operational emergency center, and we are awaiting advising help from RSHC in this area” – the city major said. Mrs Sotirovski spoke about the idea of forming an operational team from the best students of the Occupational Safety Faculty of Nis University, similar to the one that the representatives of the city met during the refresher courses at the University of the State Fire Service of the EMERCOM of Russia in St. Petersburg.

Co-director of the Russian – Serbian Humanitarian Center Andrey Mamchenkov emphasised the importance of predicting potential dangers and timely preparedness for emergency response. He also mentioned that the goals and objectives of RSHC are exclusively humanitarian in nature and confirmed the Center readiness to provide the city with all the necessary assistance in preparing the city operational team and organising training in RSHC.