Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

International webinar

International webinar “Actual issues of design, development and application of information systems in the field of protection against emergencies” was held at the Academy of Civil Defence of the EMERCOM of Russia on November 24th. The Center and the Academy have many years of successful cooperation. Specialists from the Balkans attended advanced training courses at the Civil Defence Academy since 2015. The Academy representative office opened at RSHC in 2017.

RSHC leaders and representatives attended the webinar. The Center’s co-director Andrey Mamchenkov reported on the topic: “The Emergency Forecasting and Modelling Center in RSHC (EFMC), development prospects within the framework of the unified response system of Serbia”, under RSHC Development Plan.

By building specialized models and scenarios for the development of emergencies, ensure timely and correct decision-making, which speeds up and facilitates the work of the entire emergency management system for increasing citizen safety.

EFMC has been operating within the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center since 2014 in cooperation with the Emergency Management Sector of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia, Russian National Emergency Center, ICDO and others.