Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Participation in the 3rd basic safety training for students of Belgrade and other universities

One of the Center statutory tasks is educational and educational work with youth.

During eight years operating in Serbia, Center made many friends among colleagues, including those who are engaged in specialised training - teaching staff of Belgrade and Nis universities. Cooperation agreements have been signed with educational institutions, within the framework of which Russian specialists contribute to the training of the national personnel. They conduct theoretical and practical classes using the rich practical experience of the EMERCOM of Russia, as well as personal experience.

As part of this work, the Scientific-Professional Society for Disaster Risk Management in cooperation with the Faculty of Security Studies of the University of Belgrade, in the period from October 29th to November 1st, conducted the third basic training in the field of safety and rescue in the nature reserve Ovcar-Kablar gorge, whose conditions are excellently suitable for both basic training and courses in topography, environmental survival, mountaineering, mountain rescue, water rescue, and other important disciplines.

At the invitation of the Society lead, deputy co-director of the Center and international class rescuer Oleg Ganiev held the training for the camp participants, where during the discussion were used examples from rescue operations carried out by Centrospas unit. In addition, it was discussed about the activities of the Center and its contribution to the development of the fire and rescue forces in Serbia.