Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Training at training complex “Shturm“ in october 2020

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center (RSHC) continues its practical activities to improve skills of the staff of the national fire and rescue services of Serbia, by holding training in strict compliance with the sanitary and preventive measures required in a pandemic.

In October, training for employees of the fire and rescue unit from the airport named after Constantine the Great took place at the training complex “Shturm”, which is a unique multifunctional simulator that became an integral part of the training system for Serbian firefighters-rescuers.

The training was carried out with the involvement of special fire trucks to create conditions as close as possible to a real emergency: high-rise building fire, work in a smoky space and victim rescue.

At the same time, RSHC specialists participated in the training preparation, observed its progress and simulator operation, and prepared proposals to extend the training program.

All participants successfully overcame obstacles during the one-day training and improved their skills and knowledge.