Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Russian specialist in Nish

Due to the difficult epidemiological situation in the southern part of Serbia, a decision was made to relocate a group of Russian specialists in the radiation, chemical and biological protection to the city of Nish.

On April 11th the group of Russian specialists with necessary resources arrived in Nish where a working meeting of the representatives of all structures involved in this large-scale operation was held, including the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center, where A. Mamchenkov and B. Kostich informed all those present about the proposals to use the resources and experience of the Center. The participants of the meeting discussed the plan of action, taking into consideration the development of the situation and the local conditions. The issues discussed at the meeting included disinfection in medical institutions, recommendations to local specialists on organizing the reception and triage of incoming patients, adherence to the anti-epidemic regime in the departments and the food preparation to prevent infection of medical workers from infected patients. The implementation of the planned work on the disinfection of urban institutions began on April 12th in Nish. In particular, these actions were carried out in the premises of the local fire and rescue department. The staff on duty did not escape this procedure.

The Russian medical group and the experts of the Russian radiation, chemical and biological protection carried out planned work in 15 places country wide, in 25 medical institutions and in more than 50 buildings and institutions. In Belgrade the disinfection and sanitization work continues at the military medical academy; in Chuprija practical recommendations are being developed on how to conduct anti-epidemic measures in medical institutions of various types.

Serbian President Alexandar Vučić expressed his hope that the situation with the coronavirus would improve and allow the state of emergency to be lifted by the end of April. “Now in the country”, he said, “there are all conditions for this and the necessary precautions have been taken”.

In Belgrade, during a government press conference it was reported that the number of coronavirus victims in Serbia reached 80 people, more than 3.6 thousand people were infected (3380 were detected, another 250 people were diagnosed over the past 24 hours, six more died, and their average age was 57.5 years).