Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

SPELEOLOGISTS - October 18-25, 2019

The RSHC, following its status as a humanitarian organization, continues to develop cooperation with non-governmental youth and sports organizations in Serbia. This time, the Speleology Commission of the Mountaineering association of Serbia asked the RSHC for assistance in their plan to conduct an expedition from October 18 to October 25 in the vicinity of Cerje, 14 km from the city of Nish, Kaminichki Vis.

The purpose of the organized international speleological expedition, which was attended by specialists from Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Iran, work in the Cerjanska cave, contributing to its further study and preparation of reports on its further development, because according to the assessment of geologists, the Cerjanska cave is unique, consists of numerous corridors and halls, up to 40 meters high and is not explored fully.

The expedition is important both in terms of science and of the development of tourism in the country - after all, caves and grottoes are the pride and heritage of Serbia.

The RSHC provided the required assistance in organizing and conducting this international expedition and is ready for further cooperation with national organizations and structures for the benefit of Serbia and the strengthening of Russian-Serbian friendship.