Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Armistice 10.11.2019

On November 11, a National holiday celebrated in Serbia - Cessation of hostilities Day in the First World War.

On this day in 1918, representatives of the warring parties signed the Compiegne Armistice Agreement, which put an end to the bloodshed on the battlefields of the First World War.

Serbian authorities honor the memory of those who fell in the battles of the Great War.

On November 10, in order to honor the fallen soldiers, a ceremony of laying flowers at the graves of the fallen heroes was held in the city of Nish, in which representatives of the national Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, city authorities, various public organizations, representatives of the society of descendants of veterans of the First World War took part.

On behalf of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center, the event was attended by the director of the RSHC А. Mamchenkov and deputy director O. Ganiev.

The RSHC always gratefully accepts invitations and participates in such ceremonies, considering it their honorable duty, a sign of friendship between the Russian and Serbian peoples, whose sons fought shoulder to shoulder on the fronts of that war.

In 2014, immediately after its creation, the Russian staff of the RSHC took part in the project of the Serbian Ministry of Defense - “Veliki Rat”, dedicated to the centenary of the First World War. The route passed along the roads of Western Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece and Macedonia.

In 2015, at the initiative of the RSHC, a memorial plaque in honor of the Russian medical personnel who had assisted Serbian people during the First World War and saved the lives of hundreds of Serbs, including those from Nish, was erected at the building of a military hospital in the city of Nish.

In 2016, in the area of Mountain Kaimachkalan, dozens of graves were cleaned and restored by the RSHC employees. There lies the ashes of thousands of victims soldiers of Thessaloniki Front of 1915-1916., where more than ten thousand Russian soldiers heroically fought with the Serbs of the 2nd Special Russian Infantry Brigade. In these places the remains of the fallen Russian heroes rest among which are 65 officers and 4149 soldiers and officers.

This event is our honorable duty, together with our Serbian brothers, to pay a tribute to the heroes who fell in that Great War.