Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

The Russian delegation in Serbia

On November 6, a Russian-Serbian working meeting was held in Belgrade, where Nebojsa Stefanovic - Serbian Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Interior - discussed with Alexander Botan-Harchenko - the Russian Ambassador in Belgrade, issues of continuing cooperation between the countries in the field of elimination of consequences of emergencies.

Mr. Stefanovic emphasized the great importance of the work of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center in Nish, which provided assistance not only to the Sector of the emergency situations of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia, but also to the whole country. The Minister also stated the need to expand the capabilities of the RSHC so that it would become a training center that would provide additional training for the personnel of the fire and rescue units.

V. A. Solovyov - the Director of the Department of International Affairs of EMERCOM of Russia, who arrived from Moscow and attended the meeting, informed the participants about the constant attention of the Ministry of Emergency situations of Russia to the cooperation with Serbian colleagues, about further steps to modernize the Center, and the decision of the Russian part of the Management Board to appoint A. Mamchenkov as Director of the RSHC.

For their part, the representatives of the Serbian part of the RSHC Management Board announced the appointment of Bojan Kostic to the position of Co-director of the Center.

Few days before, during the extinguishing of wild fires on Stara Planina using the Russian airplane IL-76, A.V. Mamchenkov and B. Kostic worked together at the headquarters of this operation.

On November 7, in the RSHC, a videoconferencing session was held with the NCMC and the control centers of the International Civil Defense Organization (ICDO) and the Russian-Armenian Humanitarian Center, which were informed about the results of the negotiations in Belgrade, and congratulated A.V. Mamchenkov with the appointment of the Director and wished him success.

Speaking on behalf of the ICDO, Deputy Secretary General of this organization A. Kudinov confirmed the continuation of the policy to strengthen cooperation with the Center and with Serbia and conveyed an invitation to the leadership of the Ministry of Interior and the Sector of the emergencies to pay a working visit to the ICDO headquarters. On the same day, negotiations were held with the administration of the city of Nish, which confirmed the willingness of the parties to continue close cooperation and expressed gratitude for sincerity and friendship.

Later, a ceremonial laying of wreaths at the monument to the soldiers of the Red Army who died on November 7, 1944, in the suburbs of Nish, took place. As you know, the monument was erected at the expense of the RSHC employees in 2015.