Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Balkan Cossacks and RSHC

Along with professional tasks defined by the Charter of the Center, the RSHC employees established friendly contacts with local public and volunteer structures, working together to strengthen human relations with local residents. An assistance has being provided to educational institutions, veteran structures, to organization of summer sports and educational centers and much more.

As an example of a sincere relationship is the invitation to participate in memorial events to commemorate the first ataman of the Balkan army, ataman Branko Avramovich.

Branko was a well-known and respected man, and for his efforts to strengthen Serbian-Russian friendship in September 2017, he was awarded with honorary weapons on behalf of the commander of the land forces of Serbia, General Milosav Simovich.

The church memorial service was held in the territory of the municipality of Kursumlija, in front of the church of St. Petka of the Dobri Do, and then the participants of the memorial march proceeded to the place of birth of the ataman - the village of Zagradje.

As it’s known, in 2013 in Belgrade for the first time was announced the re-establishment of the Serbian Cossack organization. That time Cossack delegates from Russia visited Belgrade and the local Cossacks got their ataman. Centers of Cossack spiritual culture began to open. The Balkan Cossack army aims at reviving the spirit, faith and patriotism, protecting Orthodoxy and the fatherland, restoring and strengthening the traditions of the Cossacks.