Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

AGZ Course - Explosives - 16-27.9.19

In the second half of the 2019 academic year, the RSHC continued to implement one of its main tasks – assistance to Balkan colleagues to improve their practical skills and qualifications.

As you know, today trainings take place at the universities of the EMERCOM of Russia and in the RSHC in Nish using the equipment provided by the Russian side – mainly the training complex “Shturm”.

The RSHC Governing body is implementing plans to transform the RSHC into a national training center for the Sector of emergency situations of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia which should become part of the existing national firefighter and rescue training system.

The topic of cleaning the Balkan lands, heavily "contaminated" with explosive objects during the wars and conflicts that swept through these territories in the 20th century, has been and remains the most important issue that needs to be resolved by the authorities. In this regard, the Sector of Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia requested the Russian side to conduct a course for local specialists on the subject: “Safety in contact with explosive objects, work with hazardous materials (substances)”. Classes on this educational topic were held at the Civil Defense Academy of the EMERCOM of Russia in the period of September 16 to September 27. Twelve specialists from the Republic of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have completed their studies and received certificates.

The course consisted of two parts - theoretical classes at the Academy of Civil Protection of the EMERCOM of Russia - lectures on the methodology of working with explosive objects and practical exercises at the training grounds of the training center in Noginsk. Specialists got acquainted with the work of the Center for Conducting Rescue Operations of Special Risk “Leader.”

The management of the RSHC hopes that the experience and knowledge gained by our friends in Russia has improved professional skills that will help them in their noble and dangerous work.