Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center


The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center is actively involved in the training process for the staff of the Sector of emergency situations of the Ministry of Interior in Serbia. These days more than 25 Serbian specialists are improving their professional knowledge at the universities of the EMERCOM of Russia, in Moscow.

A Training Complex "Shturm" in the RSHC has a special role in the process of employee training and is highly appreciated by the management of the Sector of the emergency situations.

In the 2019 academic year, the RSHC continued to use the “Shturm” - a multifunctional simulator of various situations that happen in real fires - smoke, fire, noise and screaming, etc. Nowadays all those who come to work in the fire and rescue units of the Sector all over the country are passing an required test for professional suitability and initial training at this training complex.

Training courses at the "Shturm" also include classes for experienced rescuers working in the firefighting system where they improve their skills, get to know new elements.

The beginning of any training is preceded by a required medical examination. Then the first stage is to enter a smoked room, eliminate the fire, determine the position of the victim and evacuate it, all of that is a task of a team of three rescuers. The classes are led by experienced instructors from the fire and rescue unit of Nish.

In the period from September 30, to October 10, two groups with two experienced instructors (40 people) passed exams and training at the “Shturm”. Fires in enclosed spaces simulated various possible situations.

This simulator has already become an integral part of the training system for employees of fire and rescue teams.

On its hand the management of the RSHC carefully monitors the preparation and operation of the “Shturm”, studies the experience of training, on the basis of which it prepares proposals for additional equipping the “Shturm.