Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Subotica 10.10.2019

October is a time of memorable events for Serbia. In 1944 the country was liberated from the Nazi invaders, paying a high price for this such as thousands of lives of liberating soldiers, Russians and Serbians.

In 1957 Marshal Tito ordered to perpetuate the memory of the fallen heroes and create military burials. As a result of the reburial of the remains of Soviet troops, carried out by the Yugoslavian authorities in coordination with the government of the USSR in 1962, nine memorial cemeteries were made in the cities: Belgrade, Vrshac, Gorni-Milanovac, Zrenjanin, Zajechar, Pozharevac, Sombor, Subotica and Jagodina. In total seven thousand Red Army soldiers died in battles on the territory of Serbia.

Subotica is the northern Serbian city located seven kilometers from the border with Hungary. There is a memorial complex, where about 500 soldiers of the Red Army, who died in the battles for the freedom of the fraternal people, are buried. On October 10, 1944 the city was liberated from Nazi troops by units of the Red Army and the People's Liberation Army of Yugoslavia.

On October 10, 2019 at the invitation of the local administration and activists from the Serbian-Russian-Belarusian Friendship Society (Chairperson Milenko Milosevich), representatives of the RSHC visited Subotica, laid a wreath at the monument to the liberators, met with the administration and residents of the city and took part in a meeting organized on this occasion. The solemnity of the event was emphasized by the guard of honor of the Serbian army and the participation of numerous guests, including representatives from the embassies of Russia and Belarus.

We must pay tribute to the fraternal burial, which is in perfect condition, you can sense the constant attention of the residents and the city authorities!

Eternal memory to the fighters of the Red Army and Serbian patriots who fell in the battles for the liberation of Serbia!