Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center


On September 5 in the vicinity of the town of Doboj, the village of Riteshich, the Republika Srpska (RS) of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) a celebration took place at the initiative of the Society of Russian-Serbian Friendship and Unity of Orthodox Peoples with its chairman Zoran Gaich. Since 2009, the Monastery complex of St. Matrona of Moscow and the Russian ethnic village have been found there.

Hundreds of guests attended the event, including representatives of the Russian Humanitarian Mission (RSM) and the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center.

The President of the Republika Srpska (RS) Zeljka Tsviyanovich and the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Bosnia and Herzegovina P.A. Ivantsov opened the ceremony, greeted present guests and stated that the work of this Complex would strengthen the sincerely close relations between the Russian and Serbian peoples.

Z. Gaich has confirmed that the main goal of the project is to promote the idea of unity of all Orthodox peoples and to popularize the Russian cultural heritage.

The complex is located in a mountain woodland by the Bosna River. The local emergency response system is poorly developed, which makes this area, its inhabitants and all the objects located there vulnerable to natural disasters. For example, the river floods in 2014 was classified as catastrophic in terms of the degree of damage.

Considering the importance of the Complex itself and taking into account the requests of the local administration, the RSHC management is ready to provide assistance to the Society and local residents in creating a voluntary rescue squad from local residents, their training and providing a certain amount of rescue tools and dealing with the consequences of natural emergency situations.

As you known, RSHC has been supporting professional structures in Bosnia and Herzegovina, since 2015 by sending their employees for professional trainings to the universities of the EMERCOM of Russia.