Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Volunteer Firefighters Day in Serbia

Every year on September 27, our Serbian colleagues from the voluntary fire organizations of Serbia celebrate their professional holiday - Volunteer Firefighters Day.

This year this event took place in Kraljevo, where the meeting of the Executive Council of the Fire Union of Serbia and the Volunteer Firefighters Society of Kraljevo was held.

The ceremonial meeting was opened by the chairman of the Volunteer Firefighters Society of Kraljevo Milutin Vukosavljevic. The meeting was attended by representatives of the city administration, lots of guests from fire organizations from all over Serbia and the “Gasilska Zvezda” (a Fire Union) from Maribor, Slovenia. Viktor Gulevich - Director of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center and Dejan Sejzovic - Head of the Department of Emergency Situations in Kralevo, Sector for Emergency situations of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia were among the numerous guests.

On the occasion of Serbia’s Volunteer Firefighters Day, certificates of honor were awarded to many organizations and employees on behalf of the Executive Council and the Volunteer Firefighters Society.

After the ceremony all the participants, accompanied by the firefighters orchestra “September 27”, laid wreaths at the memorial plaque on the building of the old fire station in Kraljevo, where on September 27 1941, the entire Fire department of the city had left the occupied city and headed for the mountain Gocha to join the partisan team "Jovo Kursula".

In memory of this glorious event, the bold step of the firefighters of Kraljevo, September 27 was declared the Day of Firefighters, and the local magazine “Firefighter Kraljevo” publishes lots of thematic articles.