Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Deligrad 04.09.2019.

The small town of Deligrad celebrated the events of the distant 1804, when a battle between the detachments of the rebelled Serbs and the Turkish enslavers took place in its vicinity.

The Serbian people remember their history and honor their heroes. On September 4, representatives of many public organizations and armed forces of Serbia gathered in the church of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel near the city. The State Secretary of the Ministry of Labor Zoran Antich led the ceremony.

The representatives of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center participated in the event and laid a commemorative flower wreath at the memorial.

These events dedicated to the 213th anniversary of the battle at Deligrad, when Serbian rebels managed to defeat the Turks at the Battle of Mishar a month earlier. The main battle took place near Deligrad on September 3, 1806. The Ottoman army retreated, to avoid a final defeat, the Ottomans were forced to conclude a truce with the Serbians, and then the government of the Ottoman Empire entered into negotiations with the Serbian rebels through the mediation of Russia and Austria. The result of the agreement concluded by the parties was the granting of forgiveness to all participants in the uprising, the readiness to affirm Serbian autonomy and recognition of the title of prince of Serbia.

Deligrad remembers and the other battles that took place in its vicinity. This is the battle with the Turks on October 20-21, 1876 during the Serbian-Ottoman war and the battles with the Nazi invaders in 1941, when the Serbian soldiers of the 26th mountain division put up heroic resistance to the invaders.