Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

The Circle of Serbian Sisters

In the cultural history of the Serbian people, there are few organizations and associations which political changes did not interfere with their work and continuity. There are very few organizations, which have historically managed to resume work and return to the Serbian social arena. The Circle of Serbian Sisters is one of such rare structures.

The Circle of Serbian Sisters is a women's cultural, educational, patriotic, international humanitarian community founded in 1903 in Belgrade. Regional organizations of the Circle of Serbian Sisters were opened all over the territory.

In 1990, a group of women in Belgrade resumed the work of the “Circle” in accordance with the principles of the original organization “Circle of Serbian Sisters”. Today, the organization has over 20 boards throughout Serbia and is active in the diaspora.

Since its foundation in 2014 in Nish, the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center, which also carries out humanitarian tasks and understanding the spiritual connection with the “Circle”, has established close contacts with it and participates in many joint activities, including in taking care of churches and graves of the fallen Russian and Serbian warriors. It is a great honor for the staff of the RSHC to participate in the celebrations held by the “Circle” in the city of Nish.