Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Laying a wreath at the monument to the fallen heroes Gorni Matejevac 28.08.2019

The employees of the Russian Serbian Humanitarian Center, along with their Serbian friends, participate in the social and political life of the country, celebrating its memorable and significant dates.

In Gorni Matejevac, a small Serbian village, almost a suburb of Nish, there is a memorial complex with the names of the fallen heroes who gave their lives for the liberation of their homeland from the Nazi occupiers. These fallen heroes are the inhabitants of these places.

At the invitation of the local administration, representatives of the RSHC visited Matejevac and paid tribute to the victims of the war and laid a wreath at the monument, and participated in a solemn meeting dedicated to this event.

The speakers also noted the heroes, local residents, who were shot here by the invaders on April 16, 1917, back in the First World War.

The monument is located in the center of the village, in front of the local school building. It should be noted the concern of the inhabitants of Gornji Matejevac and its administration about this memorial, and the memory of the inhabitants their heroes.