Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Hajduk Regatta 2019 (08.08.-10.08.19)

The RSHC employees, together with their Serbian colleagues from the Serbian Rescue Team and representatives of other Serbian volunteer structures, conclude the summer period of 2019 with a number of activities such as competitions, and training volunteers in driving boats, and practicing rescue during accidents in water.

That time it was "Hajduk Regatta" on the Drina River in the area of Bogatich. It was a trip of about 30 boats along the Drina River from Prnjavor to Crna-Bara with a total length of about 30 km.

The headquarters of the management of the Regatta led by the head of the Serbian Rescue Team Budimir Danila, carried out a lot of organizational work, foreseeing all emergencies that might occur during the competitions with a large number of participants, including insuring all participants.

The RSHC Task Force actively participated in the organization and conducting the Regatta. The Center provided significant assistance to the organizers - life vests and a boat, and the Center employees took part in the work of the headquarters.

Representatives of the administration of Bogatich visited the Regatta, and local media and television live broadcasted the event on the river.