Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

PARAGLIDING - Nish - 28.07. - 03.08.19

Sport and Rescuers

Summer season is not only vacation time for the RSHC employees, it is the time for preparation for the end of the 2019 academic year. The time when the Center with its resources actively cooperates with voluntary structures of Serbia on organizing and conducting sports and educational events - camps, competitions, regattas. The RSHC provides all kinds of assistance to volunteer organizations - tents, camp equipment, various supplies, and the participation of their rescuers.

Summer is the season for athletes who are passionate about paragliding, an interesting but dangerous sport that requires careful preparation. From July 29 to August 04, competitions are held in the suburbs of Nish, and then on Kapaonik, Prokuplje and Vrshac.

The Serbia Rescue Team and the Mountain Rescue Service ensure the safety of such competitions with the RSHC as their partner. This time international competition was held in Nish where 164 pilots from 20 countries took part. Strongly rugged terrain, gorges, mountains and forests where special attention to the development of security measures is required. The RSHC provides an SUV Lada Niva, few employees, an equipment, communications, and much more of what is necessary when organizing and conducting such competitions.

The Competition in Nish has ended successfully. All the participants have the best memories of Serbian hospitality and wonderful nature. At the end of the competition, all the participants expressed gratitude to the local organizations that provided such a large-scale international event.