Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Serbian youth and the RSHC

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center is taking patronage over one of the schools of the town of Zhitoradja.

In 2019, the management of the Center, as last year, responded to the request of the school administration and assisted in organizing a trip for Serbian students to the youth patriotic camp Peresvet, at the Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra in Sergiev Posad.

The camp organizers built a program for the Serbian guests not be bored - here they live in the forest, visit Orthodox churches and historical places, and have fun every evening around the campfire, with masquerade and various games.

The management of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center in Nish and the patriotic center in Sergiyev Posad did everything possible so that young men and women from Serbia would get to know the life of their Russian fellows and learn the history of Russia by visiting ancient cities and temples.