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THE COURSES IN THE UNIVERSITY OF EMERCOM OF RUSSIA IN ST. PETERSBURG. (03.06. – 08.06.2019) | Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center
Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center


The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center continues to contribute to the strengthening of friendship between the nations of Russia and Serbia, improving the equipment of the Sector units and increasing the professional level of the staff.

The decision of the Government of Serbia from 2017 on the ownership of the building in which the RSHC is currently located to the ownership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia gave a new impulse to the development of the Center, its transformation into a logistics and regional training center.

Same year, EMERCOM of Russia handed over to the RSHC the Sturm training complex, which became a useful tool for the training of fire fighters and rescuers. In 2019, three training classes will be delivered and installed in the Center, with all the specialized equipment. Also a permanent exhibition of professional equipment samples will be opened.

At the same time, the training of specialists from the Balkan countries in the universities of EMERCOM of Russia continues on the topics of great interest to local specialized organizations.

As in the period from 03.05. - 08.05.2019 in St. Petersburg at the University of EMERCOM of Russia, a group of the Balkan specialists was trained on the topic: “Organization and performing of emergency rescue and other urgent work in floods.” 10 Serbian specialists (headed by Zoran Lazich from Shabac), two from Northern Macedonia (headed by Arif Arifi from Tetova) , and two from Bosnia and Herzegovina - Haris Ramich - from the Federal Office for Protection and Aleksandar Naumovich - a representative of the Republican Administration of the Civil Defense.

The courses were completed in the first half of this year and will continue in the fall of 2019.

It should be noted that in addition to the helpful training program, our Balkan colleagues were able to enjoy the "white nights" of the northern capital and well organized leisure.

The leadership of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center plans to continue the process of improving the skills of national personnel using the experience of EMERCOM of Russia more widely practicing at the Center, based on the training base involving Russian specialists.