Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Balkan specialists in the State Fire Academy of Emercom of Russia

As part of the implementation of the advanced training plan of specialists in the field of emergency response of the Balkan countries in higher education institutions of EMERCOM of Russia for 2018, a group of chiefs from the Sector of emergency situations of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia and representatives of the Protection and Rescue Sector of the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina had an educational course on the basis of the Academy of the State fire service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the period from 10-21 of December.

All the courses organized during the year by the RSHC in the universities of the EMERCOM of Russia, with their excellent training base and equipment, are fully funded by Russian Federation. Most experienced teachers are involved in the courses.

Despite their rich professional experience, the Balkan experts highly esteemated the level of education at the Academy and showed interest in studying the topic: “The usage of protection against fires in the design and construction of buildings and infrastructure”, which included sections: modern methods of predicting the dynamics of fire hazards , a system of regulatory legal acts in the field of fire safety, criterias for assessing the fire safety of an object of protection and many others.