Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center


The monastery Studenica is the world-famous heritage of the Serbian people, which is included in the UNESCO book of cultural treasures of mankind. So now it is time for the modern generation of the Serbs to contribute to the protection of this cultural wealth from wildfires. The Government of Serbia pays constant attention to this issue – the Ministry of Enviromental Protection, the Sector for the emergency situations of the Ministry of Interior in Serbia are aware of all the problems of the monastery, and the local residents have already organized a voluntary fire brigade.

The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center received a letter from the leader of the volunteers in Studenitsa, which was supported by the abbot of the monastery, with a request to provide specialized material aid. The Sector for the emergency situations of the Ministry of the Interior in Serbia was informed and held consultations with the Fire and Rescue Division in Kraljevo.

Considering the importaince of the issue for the whole nation and having in mind the newly adopted law of the Republic of Serbia on voluntary fire-fighting (“Sluzbeni Glasnik” 87/2018), the RSHC management responded to this appeal. On December 14, a working group of the Center was sent to Studenitsa, which held negotiations in Kraljevo, studied the needs of the local volunteer fire brigade of the monastery and the organization of an alarm system for volunteers, inspected the most wildfires prone areas. Based on the analysis of this data the spesialists of the Center are preapering proposals on the aid for the volunteers of Studenitsa and educational courses on the advanced training for the members of the volunteer brigades in cooperation with the local professional structures.

The RSHC’s staff contributes to the strengthening of the brotherly ties of the nations of Russia and Serbia by constantly working with it’s colleagues - professional firefighters and rescuers from the Sector of emergency situations of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia on strengthening and developing of the national emergency response system.