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RSHC and Lada Niva are ready to help again | Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center
Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

RSHC and Lada Niva are ready to help again

Winter began and snowfalls and problems on roads came with cold weather. On November 29th at 15:00 RSHC received a telephone message about emergency in Pirot area. In village Radosin (20 kilometers away from Babusnica) older woman Stojanka Radenkovic had health problems that required urgent medical intervention. The problem appeared because of heavy snowfall that took place the day before; snow depth had reached half a meter and the vehicles of local emergency services could not come to the house.

Half an hour after receiving the information from Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia (GSS), RSHC operational group on Lada Niva with all necessary equipment (first-aid kit, stretchers, shovels, etc.) went to the village. The group included rescuer Konstantin Gavrilov and driver Sasa Stefanovic. On the route they met with Serbian colleagues from GSS. The rescuer group was fighting with snowdrifts for 2 hours. Last 2 kilometers they went on foot. The injured woman was taken to Niva on a stretcher. At 21:20 she was brought to the hospital in Babusnica, where she received the proper help. Relatives of Stojanka and hospital staff expressed sincere gratitude to rescuers.

It was new joint operation of rescuers from RSHC and GSS. This year Russian rescuers already provided assistance in the organizing and conducting of many exercises. RSHC rescuers are experienced specialists; they are ready to go to emergence place at any time. In the Center warehouse there is everything necessary to provide local search and rescue operations. Russia regularly replenishes these reserves.

Good to note that last winter the Russian team on Lada Niva helped Serbian colleagues in Prokuplje during the snow collapse and also participated in search for the missing hunters (information on the site: