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Balkan specialists in EMERCOM training centers | Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center
Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Balkan specialists in EMERCOM training centers

RSHC continues its work to improve the professional level of Balkan specialists. The newest group completed course on a topic “Methodology of work in specialized training centers and programs for emergencies management” on the basis of the Civil Defense Academy of the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

The group included representatives of state and municipal authorities, institutions and organizations of the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Macedonia, the Republic of Srpska BiH. The creation of such group aimed to improve the level of professional training in local emergency services, same as to establish cooperation between representatives of relevant structures of Balkan states, which is extremely important in case of emergency.

During the course, participants got acquainted with the work of the Academy of the State Fire Service, Moscow educational and methodological center of Emergencies Ministry and the Center for emergency psychological assistance.