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WW2 memorial in Jagodina | Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center
Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

WW2 memorial in Jagodina

WW2 memorial complex on the hill near Jagodina was built in 1962, hosting 1170 Red Army soldiers and officers who died in battles for the freedom of its Slavic brothers.

While paying tribute to the Soviet soldier-liberator in 1957, the president of Yugoslavia marshal Tito ordered to perpetuate the memory of the fallen and to create military graves to transfer ashes of deceased heroes to one place from memorials around the country. One of these cemeteries is located in the city of Jagodina, in past called Svetozarevo.

RSHC representatives visited Jagodina and laid wreath at the grave, met with the local administration and volunteers which take care about the memorial.

The reason for this trip was a letter from relatives of one of fallen fighters - Pavel Nikitovich Vasiliev, soldier of 223rd rifle division, who died of wounds sustained in battles nearby the city of Kragujevac. Later, his ashes were moved to Jagodina.

The grandson of the hero wrote to the Russian-Serbian humanitarian center and asked for the information about the place of burial and some photographs of it for him and his family. The Center staff could not leave this plea unheeded.

Eternal memory to soldiers of Red Army and Serbian patriots who died in battles for the liberation of Serbia!

PS. The letter and photos were sent to the relatives of Pavel Nikitovich Vasiliev. The letter with words of gratitude arrived to the Center.