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Russian rescuers at speleological exercises | Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center
Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Russian rescuers at speleological exercises

On the second day of their stay in Serbia, the newly arrived RSHC rescue team went to international speleological exercises “Suvi Ponor 2017” in Kopana Glavica. More than 70 rescuers, professionals and volunteers from Slovenia, Bulgaria and Poland came to the event. Russia was represented by “Russian Rescue Union” team.

As the assistance, the Center provided two tents and stoves for participants and leadership. Together with firefighters and rescuers from Kragujevac and Bor, the Center representatives carried out the victim transportation and its evacuation from the cave by using technique of hinged crossing. At the same time, the main task was to develop skills of search and rescue in natural cave and effective interaction of participants in single working group. It was realized successfully.

It is not the first time for the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center to participate in such exercises, sending its representatives and providing necessary equipment. In October, RSHC already participated in the International Cave Rescue Meeting organized by the European Cave Rescue Association (ECRA):