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New team of rescuers in RSHC | Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center
Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

New team of rescuers in RSHC

Every three months, a new rescuing team arrives to the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center. It is a team of professionals from the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations. They are selected in accordance with their experience and profile areas that are most relevant for Serbia.

Team Leader: Alexey Sokolov is a first class rescuer, a veterinarian by education. His specialization is work on man-made accidents, search and rescue operations in urban conditions and the natural environment. He participated in a numerous international operations, such as in Haiti, Indonesia, etc.

Konstantin Gavrilov is one of the most experienced rescuers, an international class specialist and instructor of the Red Cross for first aid; he is working in Centrospas unit for more than 20 years. The rescuer participated in numerous rescue actions in regions of Russia and anti-terrorist operations, particularly during operation in Beslan.

Pavel Staritsky is a second-class rescuer, has extensive experience in winter mountain rescue, as well as experience of international cooperation. He was working in the EMERCOM humanitarian center in Armenia.

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