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Meeting in the Ministry of public administration and local self-government | Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center
Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Meeting in the Ministry of public administration and local self-government

RSHC received an invitation to participate in a meeting of representatives from regions and local governments. The meeting topic was “Reducing the risk of emergencies and preventing their occurrence”.

The theme is relevant and urgent for municipality heads and local administrations. In its essence are how to effectively deal with emergencies, reduce the risks of their occurrence and the practical steps that local leaders must take.

The discussion was active and took some time; participants spoke about the catastrophic floods of 2014, discussed wide experience of rescuers of the Russian Ministry of Emergency and the practice of using units of the Serbian Ministry of Interior.

There was one conclusion: prevent emergences to happen. It is necessary to work with volunteer regional structures and to take part in formation of consciousness and knowledge among the local population in the field of emergencies.

State Secretary of the Ministry Ivan Bosnjak noted the contribution of RSHC in the development of the state civil protection system. He had the opportunity personally to witness the experience and professionalism of EMERCOM specialists during the educational course at the Academy of Civil Defense in Moscow.

The meeting was attended by representatives of city administrations from Cacak, Kraljevo, the oil and gas company NIS. Participants spoke about their achievements in a field of reducing of emergence risks at the level of local administrations and industrial firefight units. The role of the human factor and the importance of working with all segments of the population was particularly noted.

RSHC expressed its readiness to include not only representatives of the Emergency Management Sector, but also those from local governmental institutions in groups sent to courses in Russia.

Summarizing the results, the participants unanimously expressed their desire to hold the next working meeting in Nis - in the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center.