Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Workshops at Nis university

By the request of University of Belgrade and Nis and the Academy of the Serbian Ministry of Interior, for the third consecutive year RSHC has been continuing to organize workshops at the profile faculties of these universities. This time, in November, the Center representatives Alexander Zubov, Stanislav Isaev and Pavel Shevlyakov conducted a series of workshops: three days for two hours at the Faculty of Occupational Safety at University of Nis. They shared their practical experience gained during search and rescue operations. Topics were “Features of rescue operations in extreme climatic conditions - extreme north of Russia”, “Search operation at the wreck of Bulgaria ship on Volga River in 2011” and “Features of first aid in emergency situations". Well-prepared presentations and video materials were interesting not only for students, but also for professors.

Since there is huge interest of students and professors of Serbian high educational institutions for such workshops, the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center will continue this practice, which is deepening the knowledge of young people and inspiring them to the chosen specialty.