Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Balkan sappers in the Emergency Ministry Academy

The topic of clearing Balkan lands from explosive items which stayed after the numerous wars of 20th century was and still is very important issue requiring the authorities decision. Almost every day teams of specialists-sappers go for the location of explosives.

In this regard, the Emergency Management Sector of the Serbian Ministry of Interior asked the Russian side to conduct a two-week training course on upgrading the skills of local specialists on the topic “Safety during working with explosives”. Specialists from Serbia, Macedonia and BiH (Republic of Srpska) were sent to this training. The course consisted of two parts. The theoretical part took place at the Civil Defense Academy; there were lectures on the methodology of working with explosive objects, safety measures and use of modern detective equipment. The practical part was at the polygon of the training center in Noginsk.

Certainly, the knowledge and skills acquired by the Balkan sappers in Russia have vastly expanded the professional level of colleagues from the Balkan states. We hope that this knowledge will help them in their noble and dangerous work.

It is good to note that the Russian-Serbian unit for humanitarian demining has been working since 2008; during this time a big territory nearby Nis airport, city of Paracin and other areas of the country were cleaned. In 2017 the work has continued (the project “Cuprija 1”).