Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

RSHC in Sombor

Keeping in mind the implementation of the Center's tasks in a field of cooperation with local professional and volunteer specialized services, Centrospas representatives - RSHC rescuers traveled to Vojvodina to participate in joint exercises of the Ambulance and the Fire and Rescue Unit of Sombor on the topic: “Cooperation of specialized services in traffic accident. Procedure and rules for extracting victims from the car”.

The methods of immobilization of the injured person in the lying or sitting position, extraction of the victim from the vehicle using Kendrick extrication device and the spinal shield, same as ways to safely remove the helmet after the motorcycle accident were demonstrated.

Upon completion of the exercise, a conference was held on a broader topic “Documental regulating the actions and procedures for interaction between the involved services - ambulance, firefighters and police”. Actions are clearly regulated by law in the Russian Federation, but in Serbia such rules are still not governed.

By the way, it is the second visit of Sombor by the Center's staff in October. At the beginning of the month the Center's director Bojan Glamoclija and newly arrived co-director Viktor Gulevich visited the diving training center, attended the practical exercises and got acquainted with its equipment and training methodology.