Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Scouts of Serbia and RSHC

The Center continues to work with the scout unit named after Major Dragutin Gavrilovic. This time it was joint training exercises of RSHC, scouts and local firefight unit in one of Belgrade schools.

Such important subject as “Basis of life safety” is not present in the Serbian school programs. Same time our life, especially in cities, is becoming more and more saturated with all sorts of events, sometimes complicated and unpleasant. Of course, the collapse of Yugoslavia affected it and only in past few years the civil defense system began its revival.

Conducted exercises are only a small contribution to the comprehensive education of school children and teaching staff.

The idea of ​​the exercises is, first of all, to organize evacuation of children from school building after the alarm signal and the designation of exits. Then evacuation from the building through the windows and from the roof took place. The final stage is the triage of victims and first aid.

To organize and conduct exercises, the Center provided tents and other equipment; RSHC rescuers acted as advisers at all stages of exercises. Also, stands with samples of rescue tools were presented. They attracted great interest among young participants.

Exercises were attended by the Center leaders - Bojan Glamoclija and Victor Gulevich. High organizational level of conducted exercises and obvious need to continue this practice were noted after their analyze.

RSHC is ready to continue work with children and young people: beginning from school exercises up to conducting profile lectures in the Serbian profile universities.