Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

14th of October – the memorable day

October is the month of commemorative and sad events in Nis. During these autumn days the city was liberated from the invaders in both world wars.

RSHC took part in activities dedicated to liberation of Nis in WW1 on 12th of October. From October 1915 to October 1918 Nis was occupied by the combined German-Austrian and Bulgarian army group. First Serbian army commanded by general Petar Bojovic liberated Nis on 12th of October 1918.

The Center representatives led by Viktor Gulevich started their day with honoring memory and laying flowers at the monument to Soviet soldiers who died on 7th of November 1944 nearby Nis. On that day, 27 American aircrafts attacked the column of the Red Army troops, which left the city after its liberation and went in direction to Belgrade. Nine Soviet airplanes Yak-9 flied from the Nis airfield to show the “red star”, but were also attacked and forced to join the battle. 6 airplanes were destroyed, 31 soviet soldiers died and 37 were wounded. The official opening of monument took place on the 9th of May 2015 on the 70th anniversary of victory in WW2. The monument was made after initiative and support from Russian-Serbian humanitarian center.

The same day, RSHC staff together with Nis citizens marked the day of liberation from German fascist troops, which occurred in 1944 as a result of joint actions of the Red Army and the People's Liberation Army of Yugoslavia. On the square of King Alexander are graves of two Russian soldiers: lieutenant colonel P. Andreev and sergeant I. Gizatullin. They fell in a battle against invaders on the 14th of October 1944. The graves of these heroes were not forgotten.

A sad memorial ceremony ended in Bubanj memorial park, where thousands of innocent prisoners of the concentration camp were shot and buried. Now it is a memorial place that reminds about dramatic days of the past war.