Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Workshops in the Serbian universities

As a continuation of interacting with the specialized universities of Serbia, RSHC representatives held classes at the Faculty of Security of the University of Belgrade and the Academy of the Serbian Ministry of Interior this week. The purpose of such workshops is to increase the knowledge of students from specialized faculties and further popularize firefight service work. Presentations and films about the Russian Emergency Ministry and its operations were demonstrated. Topics were “Centrospas operation during the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011”, “First aid in case of emergency (collapse)“, “Explosive materials and prevention of terrorism”.

RSHC representatives Alexander Zubov and Pavel Shevlyakov shared interesting personal experience from humanitarian operations, particularly in Japan, where the civil protection service is part of the Defense Ministry, and its specialists together with firefighters are coming to the place of emergency.

The theme of terrorism was extremely interesting for representatives of the Academy of MI RS. This new type of emergencies and the order of cooperation between all involved services of the Ministry of Interior should be precisely discussed and structured. The Russian rescuers have extensive experience in this area.

To note, there is huge attention and interest of students and professors for workshops, obviously there is a need not only to continue with such meetings, but even to increase their number.

Russian staff of RSHC are always ready to share their experience not only with their colleagues-professionals from the Emergency Management Sector of MI RS, but also with young people that are just started their life path.