Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Croatian and Serbian volunteers in RSHC

On October 7th and 8th, joint training session of the Serbian and Croatian Mountain Rescue Services (GSS and HGSS) took place at RSHC territory. These structures are voluntary, but their high training level and good equipment are widely known among specialists. Therefore, when GSS asked to use the Center’s territory for joint training, RSHC leadership agreed.

GSS and HGSS representatives arrived with their four-legged assistants to the Center. The cytological training project of two volunteer services is going on for two years already, joint exercises and trainings are constantly organized. The Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center is pleased to assist colleagues in such a noble activity as training of specialists and their assistants to save lives.

The Center polygons are good fields for training activities in search and rescue operations from collapse buildings, rescue from the height, training of ascent-descent skills with the victim or trained dog.

The agreement about further work cooperation was reached.

Good to note, RSHC plans to organize training course for dog handlers in one of specialized educational intuitions of the Russian EMERCOM.