Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

New representative of RSHC

Victor Gulevich started to work as Co-Director of the Russian-Serbian humanitarian center from October 2nd. On the same day, the representative of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations A. Avdeev, the Center's director B. Glamoclija and acting co-director V.Vlasenko introduced V.P. Gulevich to the leadership of the Emergency Management Sector of the Serbian Ministry of Interior.

Victor Gulevich is an experienced employee of the Russian Emergency Ministry, he is rescuer of international level, has a title of "Honored Rescuer of Russia". He is working in the Ministry since 1995, having started his career as a regular rescuer and, before arriving in Serbia, his position was the head of Baikal training center. He participated in many rescue operations in Russia and abroad. V. Gulevich is hydrological engineer and avalanche specialist, he founded the Baikal school of avalanche safety. He is person with huge experience of teaching.

The staff and friends of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center are happy to welcome the new leader and wish him success in further development of the Center, same as strengthening the Serbian-Russian friendship and cooperation!