Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Symposium on emergency medicine in Vojvodina

By the invitation from Emergency Management Sector and Vojvodina health care structures, RSHC representatives took part in the 3rd International symposium of emergency service personnel. The theme of the Symposium was “Mass casualty incidents”.

One of RSHC representative Aleksander Zubov is rescuer and qualified doctor. His 30min presentation about air-mobile hospital of the Russian Emergency Ministry was listened with huge attention by all participants. Lot of shared information was from Alexander’s personal experience in Syria, Chile and Haiti.

The symposium dealt with the specificities of response in Serbia, the procedures for interaction of the emergency services: ambulance, firefighters and police.

Specialists from Slovenia and Slovakia took part in it. They shared experience of their national services and spoke about using of airplanes and helicopters. Although in Slovenia there are 2 helicopters and 8 in Slovakia, in general, it covers needs in ambulance aviation.

In addition to theoretical presentations at the symposium, there were practical classes on intraosseous injections, on cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the use of defibrillators.

The practical training exercise of rescuing victims from a massive traffic accident (more than 5 people) was performed.

This symposium showed the relevance of the topic and need in continuation of work, especially in a field of structuring the procedure for interaction between competent services.