Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Moscow - Nis - Havana

In addition to Serbia, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia works in other countries to share its unique experience with local specialists through teaching training centers.

MES of Russia has been started in Cuba to improve the skills of the rescuers from Venezuela, Cuba and El Salvador. The courses are held in the newly established Russian-Cuban Fire and Rescue Center.

Specialists of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia participate as instructors. A representative of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center, Alexander Shlyapin, was sent from Nis to Havana. The tasks of the courses are training of national staff in the areas of first aid, rescue from the height, salvage from the enclosure, as well as in traffic accidents and from ruins.

Cuba courses are conducted under the patronage of the International Civil Devence Organization. Upon completion, students will receive international standard certificates.

The Russian-Cuban Fire and Rescue Center was opened with the help of Russia on the basis of the Fire Department School of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Cuba on 11 July 2014 during the visit of President Vladimir Putin to Havana. The ceremonial opening of the center was attended by the Minister of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation Vladimir Puchkov. The Center is equipped with state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories, simulators and a polygon for conducting specialized trainings with local experts.