Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

New academic year at RSHC

Since 2014, the RSHC has trained more than 300 employees of the emergency services of Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina at the EMERCOM of Russia, but most of them are employees of Serbian Ministry of Interior.

The second half of the academic year began on September 2017, and the RSHC noted its modernization of the existing system, when the training was held at the University of St. Petersburg and the Academy of Public Health in Moscow. As is known, natural fires are one of the natural disasters of Serbia, therefore the Academy of the State Fire Service was chosen as the new educational institution, as one of the oldest educational institutions of the Russian Federation.

In September, RSHC acting co-director Vyacheslav Vlasenko met with the head of the Academy Shamsutdin Dagirov. Practical issues of organizing the training of Balkan specialists were discussed.

The Academy has a powerful modern educational and methodological base, which allows to train specialists at a high level. The issue of distance learning and the possibility of conducting courses in Nis, with the involvement of Russian experts was touched upon.

A few days ago, the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center was visited by the working group of the Academy staff and the representative of the Emergency Manageent Sector, the head of the Department for Supervision and Prevention Ivan Zarev. Guests got acquainted with the Center and its possibilities. The Russians were impressed by the steps of turning the RSHC into a learning structure.

The first training course at the Academy of State Firefighting Service is on a topic very important for Serbia, forest fires and the causes of their occurrence, which is scheduled for November and December.

We wish you success in such an important undertaking!