Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Serbs in St. Petersburg

Annual international competition of firefighters and rescuers for the prize of V. Dekhtyaryov took place in St. Petersburg. It was held more than 30 times among employees of gas rescuing services. More than ten teams perticipated in competition from different regions of Russia and from abroad, including Serbia for the second time.

Vladimir Dekhtyarov was a firefighter, who was the first to use an oxygen mask while extinguish fire in apartment houses, having adopted this experience from mine rescuers. Later in St. Petersburg, the first branch of the Gas rescuing service was created. Vladimir Dekhtyaryov led the city's gas and smoke protection service on the Neva for about forty years.

Upon arriving at St. Petersburg, the Serbian team was warmly welcomed by their Russian colleagues. Before the competition, our firefighters trained together for several days at the training ground, practicing the skills of passing the labyrinth and practicing coordination of actions.

The team of the Republic of Belarus won in the competitions. Serbian fire-fighters took the honorable sixth place. "Such competitions are an excellent training and an exchange of experience" - says the head of the Serbian team Mirko Milojkovic - "Such competitions give an opportunity to increase the level of professional training, and the fact that we took 6-place, it does not matter, the skill will come."

The trip and participation of the Serbian team was organized by the RSHC. Many thanks to the staff of the St. Petersburg State University of Emergency Situations Ministry EMERCOM of Russia in the person of its head Eduard Chizhikov, the state management of the EMERCOM of Russia in St. Petersburg in the person of his chief Alexei Anikin, who helped to provide the Serbian team with everything necessary. A special thanks goes to the former employee of the RSHC, and now the firefighter and rescuer in the subdivision of the city Alexei Horuzh, who conducted preparatory training with the Serbian team.

We are looking forward to new victories!