Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Trip of memory for Serbian and Russian heroes

The Serbian Ministry of Defense has continued the glorious tradition of worship and memory to Serbian and Russian soldiers who fell in the battles of the Balkan wars and World War I.

This action was initiated by the scout unit “Major Dragutin Gavrilovic” with the support of the Serbian Ministry of Defense. When RSHC leadership received a call to participate in this memorable trip and to help in its organization, the answer was simple - we are in.

Group of 10 people searched for abandoned graves of fallen soldiers on the territory of Macedonia, marked their coordinates, and put a burial in order. The expedition was going over country roads, and only Lada Niva could successfully overcome all of terrain difficulties.

During five days of campaign, big important work was done. Only in one rural cemetery near Budimirci village, dozens of graves were cleaned and restored; names of forgotten heroes started to appear: Veljko Mitic, Branko Djurdjevic and many others.

At the final stage of expedition at ​​Mount Kajmakcalan, where thousands of soldiers died in battles of 1915-1916 are buried, the group visited the cemetery and the St. Ilija chapel, carried out the necessary work. As part of Salonica Front, this is where over ten thousands of Russian soldiers fought heroically together with Serbs. The Salonika Front is not forgotten, but unfortunately, the fate of burials is different. The struggle of the soldiers from the 2nd Special Russian Infantry Brigade is also consigned to oblivion. In these places, bodies of fallen Russian heroes lie including 65 officers and 4,149 soldiers and non-commissioned officers.

This is the second joint Russian-Serbian expedition. In 2014 RSHC rescuers took part in the expedition “Veliki Rat”, dedicated to the centennial of the First World War. The route passed along roads of Western Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece and Macedonia. Link to information about this campaign on the Center site is