Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

New training in RSHC

Serbia and the Balkans are mostly mountainous regions. Knowing the specific organization of assistance and rescue in such areas is necessary for local rescuers.

From September 12th to 16th, training and professional improvement on the topic "Rescue in mountain conditions" was conducted by the RSHC staff in the area of Suva planina. The participants of the training were representatives of the Serbian Rescue Team and the Scout Squad "Major Dragutin Gavrilovic". Trainings were held in mountainous areas in camp conditions and natural surroundings. Considering the importance of this issue and the obvious need for improving the professional skills of local experts, the next time we hope that the participants will also be rescuers from the Ministry of Interior of Serbia and the Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia. The main tasks of the program of the course were the formation of a base camp and work in realistic natural conditions, exercising the skills of moving along the rocky terrain, providing assistance to the injured and their evacuation in the mountainous areas.

In five days, the level of professional skills grew undoubtedly, and the final exercise itself - the practical lowering of the stretcher with the injured person (the real person) down the wall with a vertical inclination confirmed this.

RSHC continues to train Serbian colleagues. In the following days, by the invitation of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Serbian team of firefighters will take part in a competition at St. Petersburg. The team was formed on the basis of the recommendation of the Emergency Management Sector of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia, and the RSHC and the University of St. Petersburg are in charge of organizing their participation. We expect colleagues to come back with a win!