Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

MI-8 from the Russian EMERCOM in Serbia

Monthly duty in Serbia of helicopter MI-8 from the Russian Emergency Ministry ends on August 31st.

By the request from the Government of Serbia, the helicopter arrived to Nis on August 2nd, when large areas of the country and other Balkan states were already covered by fires. Despite the scope of forest fires in Russia itself, the Ministry of Emergency Situations found a way to send a helicopter with an experienced crew to help fraternal Serbia.

The helicopter was on duty as part of the Serbian MI fire forces and was used to combat fire at the command of the Emergency Management Sector. Together with Serbian helicopter pilots, MI-8 was involved in the localization of fires in vicinities of Bor and Bosilegrad. 47 tons of water have been dumped, natural resources of the country and private property of citizens have been saved.

The Serbian friends highly appreciated work of the Russian crew. The head of the Emergency Management Sector Predrag Maric, the head of the helicopter unit of the Serbian MI Vladan Kosic and other employees who participated in the organization and carrying out of this joint operation arrived at the Center on August 29th. City of Nis and its citizens were represented by the mayor Darko Bulatovic and the head of the police department Ninoslav Mitic.

The Serbian side acknowledged the contribution of Russians in the natural disaster liquidation. On behalf of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia, Predrag Maric awarded the crew with memorable signs and certificates of honor. Darko Bulatovic stressed in his speech that it is a great honor for the city and its administration that the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center is located exactly in Nis and that the Russian helicopter operated from the Constantine the Great airport.

In response, the commander of the MI-8 Vladimir Seryshev, on behalf of the crew, thanked the Serbian colleagues for their joint work and for the assistance in organizing the flights. He expressed his personal gratitude to the city mayor and to all Nis citizens for the warmth and hospitality.

RSHC leadership confirms its readiness to work in the most active way to assist the brotherly people. Less emergencies and disasters and more daily work to prepare for the fight against them will be great.