Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Cossacks in Serbia

Members of the RSHC participated in events in the vicinity of the city of Aleksinac on August 29th, dedicated to Russian volunteers who fell in the Serbian-Turkish war of 1876-1878.

These days, work was carried out on the creation of memorials and the improvement of the burial places of the fallen Russian soldiers - 150 soldiers were buried near the village of Sumatovci, around 300 people in the vicinity of the villages of Vitkovac and Adrovac. Commemorative memorials erected on communal graves, in memory of the fact that our peoples have always supported each other, like true brothers in arms. In all these places in those years, in violent battles against the janissaries, were killed about 1000 Russian volunteers. Monuments are open and consecrated on the day of St. Nestor, who will be their patron.

At the end of the ceremony, in which many hundreds of patriots took part, members of the Balkan Cossacks Union "Balkan Cossack Army" took solemn oath of allegiance to the brotherhood of our peoples.

Representatives of the Russian Embassy in Serbia, the Russian House and many other public and cultural Russian and Serb organizations also took part in the ceremonies, which once again confirms the spiritual closeness and kinship of our peoples.