Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Rescue operations in mountains

Between August 14th and 19th, the Center‘s staff and vehicle Niva, equipped for rescue and medical operations, participated in securing international paragliding competition on Kopaonik.

Request for assistance to the Serbian Paragliding Union (the organizer of the competition) was sent to RSHC by its partner, volunteer organization The Serbian Rescue Team. This is the first such big competition: 160 pilots from more than 10 countries including Russia.

In general, the event was successful, but not without incidents. Several emergencies and hard landings took place during the competition. Injured people received first aid quickly and professionally.

At the same time, trainings showed that there are a number of deficiencies that need to be eliminated both for the Center and the Serbian rescuers - in particular, RSHC will need to equip the rescue vehicle with emergency medical assistance equipment, increase the number of personnel on duty, solve the radio communication issues and much more.

Participation in trainings enriched the Center with a unique experience of practical autonomous rescue operations in mountainous conditions and helped to identify gaps, both in the rescue team equipment and in preparing for operations in similar conditions. Probably, it is necessary to conduct courses on the coordination of work in mixed crew of Russian and Serbian rescuers.