Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Visiting the company Tigar

The RSHC leadership, after invitation from directorate of the largest Serbian enterprise producing rubber products (from sporting products to orders of the Ministry of Defense) visited company Tigar in Pirot on August 18th.

The purpose of visit was to discuss the possibility to train company’s firefighter units by using RSHC forces and resources including MI-8 helicopter. Therefore, among the guests were pilots and the new rescue crew of the Center.

A reconnaissance of company territory, places for possible helicopter landing and sources for water intake was carried out.

Obviously, in case of emergency at the enterprise, maximum efforts will be required to eliminate it, including the evacuation of not only workers but also residents of nearby houses.

The guests were met by general director of Tigar Vladimir Ilic and the chairman of revision commission Dragan Todorovic. The guests toured the company and watched the exercises of the local fire and rescue team.

The company director Vladimir Ilic thanked the RSHC leadership for the visit and interests in its challenges, and director of the Center, on behalf of all his staff, expressed deep gratitude for dedicated time, efforts and hospitality of local people, and invited Tigar directorate to use the Center's capabilities to train fire and rescue personnel at RSHC courses and conduct joint exercises in the near future