Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center

Guests of the Center

The Center was visited by representatives of the municipal administrations of Ljubovija and Bajina Basta on August 17th.

The Heads of the Center held a briefing on the structure and work of the RSHC and introduced the guests with the complex of the Center for teaching and training, and its reserves in case of reaction to local emergency situations.

Center with these cities has been cooperating in the sphere of social-humanitarian and professional activities. The area where these two towns and the Drina River are located is where the Center staff is visiting for the last two years to participate in demonstration exercises on the water and provide security in international regattas.

It should not be forgotten that, on the basis of a request from the Serbian side, the RSHC provided humanitarian aid to the inhabitants of Ljubovija, who were in a difficult situation. In a city hospital, where hemodialysis appliances were found in one of the departments requiring power supply, voltage dropped and a dozen people were in a life-threatening situation. Only the diesel generator, which was urgently sent to Ljubovija, which was located in the Center's warehouse, helped to solve the problem.

President of the Municipality of Ljubovija Goran Josipovic and other representatives of the cities expressed gratitude to Russia and the Center for real fraternal aid.